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Dino Londis

White House Applies Lessons From

By Dino Londis ( – Last Monday the Obama administration announced it is hiring Mikey Dickerson and a small team of experts to fix bottlenecks and improve the look and performance of the government’s consumer-facing technology. It’s also forming a new department that Dickerson will lead. During the announcement, the Administration also released for public […]

Will You Be Done In By Metadata?

By Dino Londis ( – Earlier this month Alexander Sotkin, a Russian soldier, uploaded a selfie on Instagram. He’d done it many times before photo, only this time the photo was geotagged in the village of Krasnyi Derkul on the Ukrainian side of the border with Russia. Russia had long maintained that there were no […] Proposing A New Kind Of Stock Exchange

By Dino Londis ( – In March famed investor Warren Buffett warned investors to stay away from bitcoin, calling it “a mirage” and “a joke.” His main argument against bitcoin and crypto-currencies as a whole, is that they are good platforms for transferring funds in a decentralized manner but the value of bitcoins themselves are […]

The PC Market Finally Climbing Out Of A Decline

By Dino Londis ( – After falling for eight straight quarters, global PC shipments rose 0.1 percent, to 75.8 million units, in the second quarter, according to preliminary results from IT research firm Gartner. Lenovo, Dell and Asus each saw double-digit increases in PC sales. This year, the PC market, which has broadened its scope […]

Virtual Currency Clashes With The Real World

By Dino Londis ( – Last Thursday, the Superintendent Of Financial Services for the state of New York, Benjamin M. Lawsky, proposed regulations for virtual currency companies operating in the state. Lawsky proposed a “BitLicense” plan, which includes rules on consumer protection, the prevention of money laundering, and cybersecurity. It is the first such proposal […]

Is Government Funding Of The Sciences Irrelevant?

By Dino Londis ( – This week the White House launched a new high tech job training initiative for veterans. Vice President Joe Biden announced the plan and on Tuesday the White House provided details on its blog. The push is the culmination of a months-long review by Biden on ways to ensure that all […]

Bitcoin Has Passed The Tipping Point

By Dino Londis ( – Products and services that are first-to-market often take such a battering that they lose out to competitors with copycat products. Business history is littered with wildly successful products with ultimately spectacular collapses because they lost out to competitors that found a better way of doing things – things they learned […]

Tiny Is The Next Big Thing

By Dino Londis ( – The oldest known integrated circuit (IC) was auctioned at Christies in New York last month, fetching an $850 million bid. The 1958 IC – which is encased in glass and signed by its inventor – is thought to be the world’s oldest existing chip. About the size of a thumbnail […]

Explosive Tech Investment Hitting The Classroom

By Dino Londis ( – Last Friday, the FCC voted to modernize E-Rate, a little-know program created in 1996 as part of the 1996 Telecommunications Act to wire classrooms with technology. In a 3-2 victory, the FCC committed a minimum of $3 billion for an E-Rate overhaul that will put broadband in 99 percent of […]

The Dark And The Bright Journey Of Bitcoin

By Dino Londis ( – The same week that a winner was announced in the U.S. Marshals Service auction of nearly 30,000 bitcoins, the original owner of those bitcoins was struck with more bad news. Judge Katherine Forrest denied a motion to dismiss criminal charges against Ross Ulbricht, the Kingpin behind Silk Road – charges […]

Five Financial Tech Startups That Should Be On Your Radar

By Dino Londis ( – According to a new report by Accenture, over the past three years global investment in financial technology (fintech) companies has grown four times faster than venture investing overall. Since 2008, deal flow has increased at a compound annual growth rate of 27 percent and the value of deals has increased […]

The Web Turns 25 – What Will The Next 10 Years Bring?

By Dino Londis ( – On March 12, 1989, Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote a paper proposing an “information management” system – a proposal that became the conceptual and architectural structure for the Web. Even though the system of connected computers had existed for years, his idea was to make it easy for the everyday person […]

What’s On Google’s Plate For 2015?

By Dino Londis ( – The fourth annual Google I/O introduced new products, expected products and even repackaged products, but it did not deliver a lot of surprises mainly because – unlike Apple – the search giant has been sharing much of what it’s developing as of late. One of the surprises was the absence […]

Asimov’s Vision Of 2014 Bested By Tech Giants

By Dino Londis – ( Fifty years ago on the eve of the 1964 World’s Fair, writer and futurist Isaac Asimov wrote a piece for the New York Times predicting what a 2014 World’s Fair would look like. He asked: “What will life be like, say, in 2014 A.D., 50 years from now? What will […]

How To Use Bitcoin 101

By Dino Londis ( – Back in 2009 when Bitcoin was new, the easiest way to get some was to mine them. Mining just means running a computer algorithm to run an increasingly difficult mathematical computation. The more coins that are mined, the more difficult the calculation becomes. Early bitcoin pioneers made a lot of […]

Microsoft Says NSA Is A Threat To U.S. Businesses

By Dino Londis – ( According to Microsoft, U.S. companies continue to feel the effects even a year after Edward Snowden leaked classified documents about blanket surveillance tactics employed by the NSA. In fact, the company’s general counsel says it’s getting worse. Speaking at the GigaOM Structure Conference last week, Brad Smith, general counsel for […]

Feds Accidentally Identify Interested Bidders For Silk Road Bitcoins, Other Bitcoin News

By Dino Londis ( – Last week we reported that the U.S. Marshalls Office would be selling the bitcoins that were confiscated in last year’s raid on Silk Road. Interested bidders need to pony up a $200,000 deposit for a chance to make anonymous bids on the $18 million bounty. But by mistake the government […]

Would You Work For A Robot?

By Dino Londis ( – The movie Transcendence evokes a dystopian future where Artificial Intelligence (AI) runs the world. The movie stars Johnny Depp and takes Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity theory in a dystopian direction. Though it was mostly panned by critics, it raises some immediate questions about what our near future will look like and […]

Boycotting Amazon?

By Dino Londis – ( Type “boycott a” into you’re a Google search and it will auto-complete it with “boycott amazon.” And if you think this is a trick by Google, it’s the third choice in Once the darling of investors, consumers and the media, Amazon has been under increasing scrutiny in recent months […]

U.S. Government Selling Bitcoins

By Dino Londis ( – The U.S. government will auction about 30,000 bitcoins valued at about $17.5 million, the U.S. Marshals Service said in a statement on Thursday. The bitcoins are part of the assets that were seized when the U.S. raided the black market website Silk Road 8 months ago. At the time of […]