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Honda Shake-Up As CEO Steps Down

02/23/15 8:37:38 AM A ‘new young leader’ will take over the helm at Honda Motors, after CEO Takanobu Ito announced he was stepping down. Katie Gregory takes a look at what this surprise

Posted  by Reuters  |   February 23,2015  |  08:37 AM
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Deere Cuts Profit Forecast, Hurt By Weak Equipment Sales

02/20/15 10:55:30 AM World’s largest farm-equipment maker Deere reported a 43 percent drop in profit, while sales also declined. Deere also cut its full year profit forecast, blaming lower

Posted  by Reuters  |   February 20,2015  |  10:55 AM
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Xiaomi Takes Its First Steps Into Apple’s Turf

02/13/15 2:28:57 AM China’s largest smartphone brand, Xiaomi, is extending its footprint to the United States with plans to start selling accessories online in the next several months.

Posted  by Reuters  |   February 13,2015  |  02:28 AM
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Hong Kong Bitcoin Scandal Leaves Investors In The Dark

02/12/15 5:04:29 AM Bitcoin investors in Hong Kong may have lost millions of U.S. dollars after an operator there shuttered, thought to be a ponzi scheme front. Pamela Ambler reports. Digital

Posted  by Reuters  |   February 12,2015  |  05:04 AM
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Print Your Own Phone From Home

02/10/15 5:07:20 AM British start-up OwnFone launches Kickstarter campaign that offers users the chance to 3D print their own cellphone – and even draw its design by hand. Jim Drury reports.

Posted  by Reuters  |   February 10,2015  |  05:07 AM
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HSBC In Tax Dodge Claims

02/09/15 9:52:44 AM British bank HSBC has admitted failings by its Swiss subsidiary, following media reports it helped wealthy customers dodge taxes and conceal millions of dollars of assets.

Posted  by Reuters  |   February 09,2015  |  09:52 AM
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Robots To Dominate Chinese Labor

02/06/15 3:40:15 AM As China’s working-age population dwindles and labor costs keep rising, the world’s largest economy will be home to the largest population of automation robots.

Posted  by Reuters  |   February 06,2015  |  03:40 AM
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Massive Cyberattack Strikes Anthem

02/05/15 11:19:53 AM Anthem says hackers stole data including social security numbers on up to 80 million people. It could rank as one of the biggest corporate cyberattacks. Fred Katayama reports.

Posted  by Reuters  |   February 05,2015  |  11:19 AM
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Sony Narrows Annual Loss Outlook

02/04/15 7:00:55 AM Sony reports preliminary results with the focus falling on how badly a hacking scandal at its Hollywood movie studio affected its bottom line, and whether the company is finally

Posted  by Reuters  |   February 04,2015  |  07:00 AM
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Shake Shack Doubles On Debut

01/30/15 11:52:40 AM Fast casual restaurant chains like Chipotle have been a hit, but Shake Shack shares may have a hard time sustaining themselves, says a veteran IPO analyst. Fred Katayama

Posted  by Reuters  |   January 30,2015  |  11:52 AM
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Robot Replacements For Foxconn’s Workers

01/28/15 4:13:39 AM Foxconn parent Hon Hai Precision Industry is looking to automation to keep productivity up without the rising costs of human labor. Meg Teckman reports. Your next iPhone could

Posted  by Reuters  |   January 28,2015  |  04:13 AM
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Alibaba Could Set Sights On Yahoo

01/27/15 3:10:19 AM Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is looking to keep expanding after its massive IPO, and eyes are on one of its key supporters – U.S. Internet player Yahoo. Jane Lanhee

Posted  by Reuters  |   January 27,2015  |  03:10 AM
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Adidas Beats Forecasts, Progress In US

01/23/15 8:20:12 AM Adidas is reporting better-than-expected revenues for 2014 – and its Rockport sale is going through for $280 million. As David Pollard reports, the German firm has,

Posted  by Reuters  |   January 23,2015  |  08:20 AM
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Netflix To Push Play In China

01/22/15 5:07:58 AM Netflix is looking to China as part of their global strategy, but regulations and censorship aren’t the only hurdles to breaking into the world’s largest Internet

Posted  by Reuters  |   January 22,2015  |  05:07 AM
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