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Sony CEO Thanks Hollywood Studio For Standing Up To Hackers

01/06/15 4:13:43 AM Sony’s chief praises employees, partner for standing up to “extortionist” hackers. Rough Cut. (No reporter narration) Sony Corp Chief Executive Officer Kazuo

Posted  by Reuters  |   January 06,2015  |  04:13 AM
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Korea ‘Nut Rage’ Woman Detained

12/31/14 1:44:59 AM A court orders the detention of a former Korean Air executive who quit her job after an outburst over the way she was served nuts on a flight. Paul Chapman reports. Heather

Posted  by Reuters  |   December 31,2014  |  01:44 AM
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Can UK’s Bad Banks Turn Over New Leaf?

12/30/14 6:11:57 AM It’s not been the best year for banks around the globe but bad behaviour in Britain has proved particularly costly. Sonia Legg looks at why and asks if the UK financial

Posted  by Reuters  |   December 30,2014  |  06:11 AM
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Sony’s “The Interview” Earns $18 Million In Opening Weekend

12/29/14 11:06:02 AM “The Interview” earned $18 million during its opening weekend. Digital rentals and purchases generated $15 million making it Sony’s number one online movie

Posted  by Reuters  |   December 29,2014  |  11:06 AM
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More Reaction To Sony’s Decision To Pull “The Interview”

12/19/14 4:48:19 AM Hackers, moviegoers react to Sony’s decision to cancel the release of the movie “The Interview”. Julie Noce reports. Sony Picture’s decision to cancel

Posted  by Reuters  |   December 19,2014  |  04:48 AM
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Allies Back Microsoft In Email Fight

12/16/14 10:34:37 AM A diverse group, ranging from Apple to CNN, is backing Microsoft in its legal clash with the U.S. government over access to emails stored overseas. Fred Katayama reports.

Posted  by Reuters  |   December 16,2014  |  10:34 AM
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Black Week For BP

12/12/14 8:44:06 AM It’s been a challenging seven days for BP. After losing a legal challenge to a compensation deal over the 2010 Gulf of Mexico spill, it’s also cutting thousands

Posted  by Reuters  |   December 12,2014  |  08:44 AM
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Yum Brands Looks To Chinese Appetites In 2015

12/11/14 6:16:12 AM Citing food scandals in China, KFC-operator Yum Brands lowered its profit forecast for the year for a second time but the company hopes that China will actually bring a 2015

Posted  by Reuters  |   December 11,2014  |  06:16 AM
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Sideways Elevator May Lift German Firm

12/10/14 5:33:09 AM A German company develops a new cableless, magnetic elevator system allowing multiple cabins to use one lift shaft, and to travel horizontally as well as vertically. Suzannah

Posted  by Reuters  |   December 10,2014  |  05:33 AM
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Sony Hackers Urge Movie Release Halt

12/09/14 4:10:20 AM Hackers demand cancellation of Sony release of “The Interview”, described as a comedy depicting a plot to assassinated North Korea’s leader. Paul Chapman

Posted  by Reuters  |   December 09,2014  |  04:10 AM
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Uber In Spotlight Over India Rape Case

12/08/14 6:31:11 AM Indian police say they are considering legal action against online taxi service Uber after the alleged rape of a passenger by the driver. Paul Chapman reports The Uber cabbie

Posted  by Reuters  |   December 08,2014  |  06:31 AM
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Sony Stays Strong Post-Cyber Attack

12/04/14 2:26:19 AM Sony may be grappling with a drama over the hacking of its computer systems, but its share price looks solid thanks to restructuring efforts. Tara Joseph reports. Dealing

Posted  by Reuters  |   December 04,2014  |  02:26 AM
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Estonia Is World’s First e-Residency

12/02/14 7:34:44 AM One of the EU’s smallest countries is hoping to attract foreign investors by introducing the world’s first e-residency card. As Sonia Legg reports Estonia is offering

Posted  by Reuters  |   December 02,2014  |  07:34 AM
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Engines Stall In China’s Factory Sector

12/01/14 4:15:15 AM Two surveys of Chinese manufacturing activity confirm the world’s second largest economy is cooling off, but calls for more economic stimulus might not be able be able

Posted  by Reuters  |   December 01,2014  |  04:15 AM
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